Running Xamarin UITest Repl Outside of Tests

The Xamarin UITest Repl is a handy little tool for inspecting and interacting with the interface for iOS and Android apps. Normally you run it by adding app.Repl() to your test code but it’s also easy to run Repl outside of a test…

Android on Windows

To run Repl on an Android device connecting to Windows you need to know:

  • The location of the Repl executable (xut-repl.exe) – C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\uitest\repl or similar
  • The location of the UITest dll, something like – C:\Users\Username.nuget\packages\Xamarin.UITest\2.0.10\lib\Xamarin.UITest.dll
  • The identifier for the connected device – you can get this by running adb devices

To start Repl open a command prompt and change to the executable folder. Then run xut-repl.exe android {uitestdllpath} {deviceid} after replacing the relevant values. For example:

xut-repl.exe android C:\Users\Username\.nuget\packages\Xamarin.UITest\2.0.10\lib\Xamarin.UITest.dll http://notused 15337521650191

Android and iOS on macOS

On macOS it’s a bit easier. Run Repl from a test then copy the title of the Repl window. Fire up a new terminal and enter the copied command.

Here’s an iOS example from my machine:

mono /var/folders/6l/bg1gb8v13mq5lgqgnj4_pdgw0000gn/T/uitest/repl/xut-repl.exe ios ~/Code/Trailmaker.Core/Trailmaker.Core.UITest/bin/Debug/Xamarin.UITest.dll 06C7B6BD-A7F2-436A-8BF9-A911F944A2CE true

And here’s an Android example:

mono /var/folders/6l/bg1gb8v13mq5lgqgnj4_pdgw0000gn/T/uitest/repl/xut-repl.exe android ~/Code/Trailmaker.Core/Trailmaker.Core.UITest/bin/Debug/Xamarin.UITest.dll emulator-5554 ~Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx
Running Xamarin UITest Repl Outside of Tests

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